Hello World….and welcome to a bit of mine!

Well, I’ve finally done it! After being forever wishy washy saying to myself, “should I do this…should I not do this”, I just went ahead and decided once and for all to jump off the diving board and into the pool of being a blog writer. Remember how as a kid after you dove in the pool that someone always swam up to you and said, “that wasn’t that bad now, was it?” I feel the same right now about setting up this blog; it wasn’t that bad….and so far the water is actually quite nice.

So now, permit me to say, “Hello World…and welcome to a bit of mine!”

What can you expect to see here you might ask? Well, I’ll make it simple: you’ll find exactly what I have in my head line, “Humorous and Inspirational stories about the lighter side of life….” Many of my friends (and in some cases, total strangers) have told me I remind them of a younger version of Robin Williams; so instead of being serious, I’m just going to use the “off in the left field corner of the Twilight Zone” sense of humor I have as my trump card and give you readers a break from the serious side of life .  Besides, I try to be serious…really I do; but I always end up failing so miserably at it that like Robin Williams, I’ve decided I’m just going to be a humorist till the end.

I am a copywriter and published author having recently had a short story published in the book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada.” My path to becoming a published writer started in 2008 when I attended a writing conference put on by the Triangle Area Freelancers or “TAF” for short.  At every one of the monthly coffee house meetings I’ve had with this group of incredible people that have become my fellow “taffies”, I was slowly but surely encouraged to write something and take a shot at getting it published. It still makes me giddy every time I open the book and see my name in print.

So, please feel free to kick off your shoes by the door and stay a while. I will agree the page is pretty boring right now but once I get some more posts up, I hope you’ll come back with a comfy chair and a glass of your favorite drink and join me here in this little corner celebrating the lighter side of life.

YIKES!!!! I’ve just come to realize that I’ve written this post a bit on the serious side; so as a humorist, I want to apologize most sincerely for resembling a serious writer. There! I just had a shot of Crown Royal (my personal drink of choice!) and now will be the humorious writer I wish to be famous for!

Don’t you just love the falling snow that I’ll have on my page right now until January 4, 2012? I do…..especially since I don’t have to shovel it!  🙂

Happy December!