“I can explain….”

I don’t know about you, but that small expression is one I used often on my parents growing up…usually when I was in trouble! While I’m not in trouble right now, I am going to use that expression to explain just where I’ve been since my last blog waaaaay back in December.

After nearly 6 months of job hunting and doing a couple of freelance assignments (and working at my part-time job an awful lot!) I finally started back to work at the North Carolina State Employees Career Transition Center in Raleigh as a Program Assistant. It’s a temp assignment that will last until at least the end of June, possibly longer. The last few weeks have had me back in the learning curve getting accustomed to my new digs and doing some promotion for the center since a lot of people who really need this place, have absolutely no knowledge of its existence. I’m also doing new things like revising copy on the center’s page on the Office of State Personnel website and seminar registrations and doing updates on the center’s website as well. So you can see that it’s a great job that has brought back my sanity…well, not that I had any sanity to start with! 🙂

I also dabbled in some radio work with my good friend Kurt Benrud over the holidays. Kurt had a radio show on the Triangle Radio Reading Service (TRRS) where a few of us read Christmas stories that he recorded and played during Christmas. The story “Look out below” that I wrote, was one of those stories. I recently got files of the recordings so I’ll try to post them! Kurt and I will be back at it working together on another project in the next few weeks. If you’re in the Raleigh area, check out Kurt’s restaurant called Circus Family Restaurant in Cary, NC. It’s a cool little place and the food is pretty darn good!

My little writing hand hasn’t gone to sleep either! I’ve sent off another story to Chicken Soup for the Soul for a book called “Hooked on Hockey” that they are planning to release later in the fall and I’m getting myself deeper into the world of freelance writing. I’ve found myself in the company of an incredible bunch of people who are inspiring me like never before! Obviously, as my mom can attest, I’m still the mischievous little kid I’ve always been.

There you have it…my explanation. And as they say, “I’m stickin’ to it!”

So, please stay tuned and stay around, it’s gonna get busy in here!

Happy Weekend! 🙂