It’s been a pleasure…..


Tomorrow is doomsday. The apocalypse. The end. Or as the french have it, “La fin du monde!” Although I’m not fluent in every language, let me say in the ones I can think of: Adios! Auf Weidersehen! Ciao! Au Revoir! See ya, eh! (well, I had to put a bit of Canadian in it!) So, before the mercury climbs tomorrow and we all perish, I just wanted to say in my own special way that it’s been a pleasure knowing all of you. To all my fellow writers, thanks for always correcting my poor grammer (and yes, I did just make a spelling mistake…it’s the last one I’ll ever make!) To all my theatre friends, thanks for not kicking me off the stage (even though it would have been as funny as heck to see that happen!), and to my dear family, thanks for putting up with me.

What are my plans you ask? Well geez, since there will be bonfires, I think I’ll spend the last of my earthly fortunes buying up the every bag of marshmallows and weenies I can find at the grocery store and have a HUGE marshmallow and weenie roast when the heat hits. Many of you know that Twizzlers are my favorite snack, so I’ll scoop up a couple of bags and have them on hand as part of my last meal. Of course, since Crown Royal is my drink of choice, I’ll keep a bottle of that close by to enjoy a shot or two before it starts raining fireballs down on my head.

Now, I’m sure you all know that we’ll be just fine come tomorrow and life will go on, so yes, this post is purely in good humor. I am a comedian at heart and just couldn’t resist taking a funny jab at it all. Sadly, tomorrow does mark one week since that horrible tragedy in Newtown and I hope that you’ll keep those little angels and brave teachers and their principal in your prayers during this special season of peace and happiness. I know I will.

Let me just say one last thing, and that is that if tomorrow passes with no incident and you find a bag of carefully wrapped marshmallows on your doorstep, odds are it is from me! (since I’ll have more bags of marshmallows than I know what to do with!) 🙂

Happy Holidays!!!