Take that ya rodent!!

1It’s a picture that was a total craze for a few weeks, but hey, at least he was honest. He came clean and admitted to his crime, that he had in fact, lied to us all. Just as we were getting ready to put away the woolies and the snow parkas, BAM! The entire country falls into a deep freeze…and it’s all his fault. It’s funny isn’t it, here we are in the age of technology being able to predict the weather a week in advance, and what do we rely on for our winter to spring transition? A rodent. Poor guy, all he wants is a little sleep, and here we are pinning our hopes for an early spring on him. No wonder he hides in his underground hole.


This weekend’s forecast here in Raleigh looks pretty darn good! On my way into work, one of the morning radio personalities said, “it’s the perfect day to find a reason to get outside and go to the beach, the lake, or heck, just do somethin’!!”, and as you can see from the 7-day weather chart (picture courtesy of wral.com) nothing could be further from the truth. I got into thinking that somewhere, our rodent friend is in his underground lair sipping a shot of scotch thankful that we won’t be bugging him until next year.

So yes, after putting us through 6 more weeks of winter, take that ya rodent! It looks like the good weather is finally here…now all we gotta do is get out and enjoy it! 🙂

On a more serious note, although we poke fun at them, we’ve got to give meteorologists some credit. They were able to give those poor souls in Moore, Oklahoma 16 extra minutes to get out of harm’s way when that horrible tornado tore through. While they weren’t able to prevent the tornado from coming, they did save countless lives since their early warning gave folks the chance to take shelter. For that, we owe them a word of thanks!


One word…mute

Recently I joined a writers blog called The Write Practice. Every Wednesday they have a Word for Wednesday where one random word is given, and those who wish to, can write a verse or poem using that word as many times as they like. Today’s word was mute. Here’s what I submitted:

From his chair on the sand, the morning tide peacefully crashed on the seashore and lapped at his feet while the1 bright sun overhead warmed him and cast a thousand different shadows on the water. “This is the life” he said to himself. It was as if a mute button had been hit and all the hustle and bustle of his hectic city life was replaced by the quiet calm atmosphere he now found himself in.