Just take some time and do it!

I no longer have any excuses. I had one, but right about now, my fellow writers, one in particular, will no longer let me hide behind it; and I’m glad they won’t. See, up until now I never had a laptop that I could just pull out when a blog or story idea hit me. I was one of those old dinosaurs who wrote it down on bits of paper and hoped to heck I could find it when I had time to write it up. Back then, I had story ideas…problem is, now I can’t find those bits of paper I wrote them down on.

Life changed dramatically on December 28, 2013, when my brother-in-law Alex, who was probably really fed up with me asking him The new toywhich laptop or tablet he thought would be good for my writing endeavors, met me for breakfast and then took me laptop shopping. We decided over Christmas dinner that a Chromebook would be best since I just needed something to write and blog with, and now that we were actually out shopping (which I’m not used to doing) I was a total bundle of nerves the entire time. I felt like I was aboard the Starship Enterprise as it embarked on a strange new voyage. We went from store to store, some were all sold out; others only had the display model which was okay to tinker around on, but of course, I wanted a brand spankin’ new one. Just when I thought, “Oh well, no one has one, guess I can’t buy one…”, Alex walked up to me with his mobile phone and proudly declared, “I bought it for you online at Amazon. It will arrive in 2 days. And oh yeah, you owe me $200.” He laughed at the shock on my face and said “I bought it because I know if we left it to you, you’d find a million reasons not to buy one…and you know you need this!” The guy does know me pretty well.

 I spent most of January getting used to my new toy knowing in the back of my mind that eventually I’d be asked the ever ominous question, “Well? Are you using that new laptop to write and blog like you said you would?” Just in the past couple of weeks, the lid to my excuse coffin got nailed shut with three nails. The first was from reading an article in which the writer said to spend less time trying to get that big writing idea out, and more time getting those smaller writing ideas out so you’ll have room and time for the big ones. The second nail came from my writing partner Elaine, who told me in an email what she was working on, and asked me what I was up to on the writing front (at one of our monthly writing meetings last year, we made a pact to keep each other on track and write more this year) and I know she didn’t buy the “Oh I just got a new laptop…” excuse very well since her reply was “Well, write something!” The final nail came from my friend Kaitlin, who writes on her blog every single week. Yeah, let me put those last three words in italic block caps with periods in between for emphasis, EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK. I always marveled, “How does she do that?” Well, the answer hit me like a two by four to the back of the head; it was because very simply, she made time to write every week. Right then and there I finally realized, “Rumble, you no longer have any excuses and can make the time if you put your mind to it…write something!”

So, here I am, off from work on a snow day because the roads are too treacherous to drive on after a major snowstorm hit Raleigh yesterday, and with my excuses dissolved faster than a pack of Kool-Aid in a pitcher of cold water, I brewed up a second pot of coffee and sat down to finally take the time to get this post out. Was this one of those big writing ideas that I wrote down on a bit of paper? Nope. This was just one of those small ideas that I’m happy to say is  finally out of my head!

Now if I could just find those bits of paper…