In the home stretch…

Here it is, the last week of the month. Heck, it’s also the last week of the year! Only a few more days and my blogging challenge for December will be done. No worries now, just because I’m in the home stretch to meet the challenge, doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging anytime soon; in fact, I think I’m going to keep at it because I know I can do it. Sure, I chose an easy month with two theatre shows to write about, and a major holiday, but that doesn’t mean anything, the biggest thing I learned is that when you set your mind to something, you can achieve it.

Being as I’m writing about coming to the finish line, I found a graphic that I looked at once, then twi1ce, then really liked it for the picture and for the great advice it gives: It’s not how you start that’s important; it’s how you finish. When I was in track and field in high school, I remember our coach saying, “start the race strong; don’t worry if you get a little weak in the middle; but make darn for certain sure that you finish the race strong.” That’s kind of how this month has felt. It started strong and I felt good being able to write something everyday; then, the middle of the month hit, work was very busy and I got home feeling weak, but now with all the madness of the holiday behind me, I’m feeling very strong as I look down the road to the end of the week and the finish line.

We can actually use the same strategy for every day of our lives. Start it strong. Set your goal. Let the pressures of the day push you to keep moving, and make sure you finish strong.Every goal we set is achievable if we want it to be. The interesting thing I kept saying to myself when reading the last four words, it’s how you finish, is that how you finish is determined by whether you finish at all. The happiest thing for me this month is that even when I didn’t think I could do it, I drove myself on and kept at it. What ever goal you set for yourself, just know that you can get it, but you can’t give up, and the greatest feeling is being able to see that finish line in front of you.


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