My word.

The other day I broke down. No, I didn’t break down and drink decaf or anything silly like that, but I decided to try one of those crazy Facebook thingys called “Your Word for 2016.” Usually, I don’t do them because it’s just Facebook’s way of seeing your information, but this one seemed interesting so I gave it a try.

I didn’t have to answer fifty billion questions or give the exact time my daughter was born, all I did was enter my name and it spat back my so-called word for 2016. The word I was first given was Innovation. When I posted it to my page, one of my friends commented that it would be true innovation for me to invent a larger coffee cup, or an IV with a timer so that the coffee would start to brew and drip straight into my arm before the alarm goes off. That would be pure genius, and heck, I’d love to be the inventor for that, but the actual meaning of the word that the program gave was this:

Innovation. You will find inner peace and harmony. It will support you in your daily struggles and situations that may appear hopeless. This word will always show you the silver lining so that you won’t ever need to worry. It was chosen for you specifically, embrace it!

At first I thought this was the nuttiest thing I had ever heard in my entire life! This had nothing to do with innovation! Wikipedia defines innovation as: the process of making changes to something established by introducing something better, and as a consequence, new.

After a few minutes of utter confusion at the word, I did what I do best and put on a fresh pot of coffee, and I went all daring and tried a new flavor of coffee I picked up at the store one evening, Blueberry Muffin Coffee. Once my thinking cap was properly caffeinated, I took a look at the word again. This time it made a bit more sense. When you are struggling in a situation that appears hopeless, what do you do? You do everything to change that situation so that it isn’t hopeless anymore, and since innovation is the process of making changes to something to make something new, it makes sense that you want to innovate yourself to change and get out of a rut. And what happens when you get out of a difficult rut? You find inner peace and harmony! Blueberry Muffin 810186179-9Coffee, folks, Blueberry Muffin flavored Coffee. It’s what got my mind thinking straight…and made my apartment smell pretty fruity! 🙂

That fruity Blueberry Muffin coffee also made the second part of the definition seem right as well. When you’re changing and making plans to fix and innovate something within yourself, you always look for the silver lining, that little something that helps you carry on. It’s very easy to stop doing something because you no longer see the point, but when you hit that point, don’t give up, look for the silver lining. It’s there, you just don’t see it because the thought of failure takes over. And like the last two words say, embrace it! When you move through a struggle, give yourself credit when you innovate yourself. You put up with a lot to achieve it, so embrace the “new you.”

The one word that stuck with me in that whole definition was the word hopeless. On its own, it’s well, nothing more than a hopeless word. It offers nothing; it’s a dead word. I hate it. Here comes the genius, so have another swig of your coffee or favorite adult drink, and get ready for this: take the word hopeless, and drop the less; what do you get? Yep, that’s right, hope; and that’s a completely different word that inspires you to go on because now you have a new weapon, hope. I used to counsel many people who told me their situation was impossible. I simply told them take the word impossible, and drop the im; and then look at the word again. The new word takes on a completely different meaning as well since now getting through a situation is possible when you take the im out of it. Kinda like the word hopeless, you just take a few measly letters out and it takes on a whole new meaning!

Like a lot of other people, tomorrow at midnight I will be happily kicking 2015 off the closest cliff and laugh hysterically as it drops down into the abyss along with all the previous years. So yes, permit me to just go ahead and wish you a year of innovation in 2016, and heck, just go ahead and embrace yourself even if you aren’t struggling. Goodness knows the whole world could use a big hug with so much nonsense going on in it today!

And yes, although I’m sure there are larger coffee cups and timed coffee IV bags already created, maybe I’ll innovate them, and get a billion gazillion bucks for doing so…and then, I’ll invite all of you to come visit me on the island of Bermuda, which I will buy and own using that billion gazillion bucks. And Blueberry Muffin Coffee folks, my empire will have lots and lots and lots of Blueberry Muffin Coffee!!


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