My Mission Statement…

So, I took a couple of days off to recharge and get ready for the long road ahead in 2016.  As tough of a year as it was, 2015 didn’t end too badly. I started New Year’s Eve by giving a final pint of blood (and of course getting oh, about a half dozen Krispy Kremes and several cups of coffee back in return to get my caffeine and sugar levels back to their normal crazy levels!) then got a phone call I truly didn’t expect…from my sister. We literally talked about any and everything, and then about what our New Year’s Eve plans were. I had an invite to go downtown, but was sort of in favor of just chillin’ at my place. As we said our goodbyes, my incredible sister said seven words that just ended the year right; she said, “Mike, go on out, you deserve it!” My sister rocks, seriously folks, she does. I took her advice and headed downtown; besides, my buddy Ira was emceeing First Night Raleigh and it was great just to get the invite. Yeah sure, it was New Year’s Eve, but I had never seen that many people in downtown Raleigh before, like ever. I had a VIP Pass and believe me, I took advantage of it and roamed everywhere that normal people couldn’t. I stood backstage and then stood right next to the coveted acorn and watched them hoist it and drop it at midnight. While people hugged and screamed with the start of the new year, I simply lifted my head to the sky and smiled as 2015 disappeared into the dark night sky beyond the boom of fireworks that ushered in 2016.

Then, New Year’s Day, after I returned late from a shift at the store, I sat in front of my laptop and did something I didn’t do all through the month of December, nothing. I sat stone faced, my fingers arched over the keyboard, and nothing. Not a darn thing came out. Half of me ached to write something since I had just finished up the most successful month of blogging every day that I had ever had; but the other half of me said, “Not now, go to bed and think. Your blog readers will still be there when you get back.” My warm bed delivered the final knockout punch. The battle was over right then and there. Bed, One. Mike, No score.

January 2nd was a strange day. Sure, it was a Saturday so I wouldn’t be at the office, but I wasn’t scheduled at the store either. I had the whole day off. Cripes, I didn’t get out of my PJ’s until late in the afternoon when I went to pick my daughter up. So I brewed a big pot of Blueberry Muffin flavored coffee (big shocker I know) and sat around watching cartoons (another big shocker I know) It was then that my mind starting thinking, “Okay Rumble, what now? What’s your theme for 2016 gonna 1be?!” It was then that my simple little mind which thrives on pictures, found the perfect one. So, here it is; Ta Da; my official personal Mission Statement for 2016. I figured since every decent company has a mission statement, I should have a personal one as well. I’ve read that mission statements should be simple and state or demonstrate what a company or entity will do. I’ve also read that the mission statement should have a goal which is easily attainable. Well, based on that, I am pleased to report that even though the end of the year is still over eleven months away, I’m well on the road to attaining my personal mission statement since mine states two very simple things that I can do very well: Drink Coffee & Make Stuff Up. The other great and awesome thing about these two elements is that they work hand in hand…at least with me they do. I drink coffee. I make stuff up. Mission Accomplished.

Truthfully in fact, that is my goal for 2016. To Write. My call to action to write is also pretty simple, I’m running out of excuses not to. Last year, Don Vaughan, one of my greatest writing mentors, and the founder of the Triangle Area Association of Freelancers, literally tossed an envelope of MAD magazines at me and said, “Write something and send it in!” His reply when I told him that MAD was way out of my league was simple and blunt when he said, “Give it a try, you’ve got nothing to lose!” And whenever I see Carol Winstead Wood, sister of the great Raleigh actor, Ira David Wood III, the first thing she says to me is, “How’s your writing? What are you writing?” So, as you can see, my mission statement was already being crafted long before I saw the cool Mission Statement picture!

That’s my challenge to all of you: write your own Mission Statement for 2016 and get crackin’ on it! And heck, if you need help, hit me up and I’ll help you…after all, I’m good at drinking coffee and making stuff up! 🙂